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1.      Patients in age group 20-70, who are motivated enough to gain back control of their life style, are able to be gainfully employed if they have requisite professional skills, if the patient is house bound for family needs, and seeking a better alternative than going to hospital thrice weekly visits to the dialysis centre.


2.      Patients with inadequate progress with  Hemodialysis schedule, and seeking better results including relief of Uremia related symptoms, which can be significant.


3.      Nephrologist considers that patient will benefit by opting NHHD.


4.      The hardware requirements are:

-          The Hemodialysis Machine  

-          Reverse Osmosis Plant to supply adequate uninterrupted supply of ‘RO’ water that meets the international standards for water purity for Hemodialysis

-          Spare room for ‘HD’ sessions  or

-          Converted Bedroom if choosing night hemodialysis, 

The room should have

o       Washable tiled floor

o       A suitable drain for the used dialysate fluid for disposal in to approved drainage and a wash basin

o       Adequate storage room for keeping one month’s supplies & tubings.

o       Dedicated refrigerator for storage of consumable supplies that are required to be kept in the fridge temperature, for storing blood samples, for forwarding to the lab, etc.


5.      Whichever machine is chosen, the costs incurred can be recovered within few years. Most machines have a long life-time of several years, if the appropriate maintenance schedule is followed.


6.      For such of those patients, who wish to avoid the labour involved in Self-Hemodialysis, can opt for a Dialysis Technician/Nurse for providing the supportive care, and is most suitable for those in the higher age group or those without support of partner or family relative is unable to provide assistance in Nocturnal Home Hemodialysis.


7.      Dialyser re-use saves costs but it involves strict procedures. Machine is available for undertaking the dialyser disinfection procedure after the HD session and then stored for re-use. It is not uncommon to re-use the dialyser 5-6 times.


8.      Remote monitoring of the Hemodialysis process is possible with the availability of suitable devices.




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